What I do !

I enjoy seeing people having fun in the outdoors, especially on boats. Yachting provides a perfect medium for this. Sailed since adolescence ‘leaping Hobie catamarans through the surf’ and racing olympic class fireballs (mono hulls ). An engineer by profession I eventually changed my career some years ago after attaining my Yachtmaster Commercial in the challenging waters of southern England. I have skippered many vessels but my chosen arena are 40′ to 90′ yachts. They can be either Motor or Sail. My resume / CV is linked in an early post.

Projects have included Cruise captain, Delivery skipper, but my preferred type of work is Charter or Trip boat operation (because of what i have said above) Of recent times i have ‘fallen’ into the rather interesting field of bringing neglected, usually Motor yachts, back to life and into commercial service. Let’s talk!


About captainphilmorris

Yacht Captain and Engineer - Motor and Sail freelance skipper charter and trip captain www.captainphilmorris.com for great island breaks
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