Here’s something for those tracking fleets or flotillas…

So, yes, this is I pinched off the website but it may be a very useful and easily deployed tool for recreational fleet operators. Most interesting is the battery saving /auto network switch features. What do you think?

  • Yottie Yacht Tracker for iPhone, you can…
  • Find out where your boating friends and family are. Yottie shows where and when your friends checked in, the direction they were heading (COG) and how far away from you they are. Perfect for arranging a rendezvous, or for giving relatives a little peace of mind. Especially as they’ll have your last reported position to hand in an emergency. See Yottie traffic on an AIS style displayYottie lets you track the checkins of fellow Yottie users around your current position and gives you important safety information such as their Course Over Ground (COG), Boat Name, Call Sign and MMSI for VHF Digital Selective Calling (DSC). Bookmark and search for your friends. Yottie lets you search and bookmark your Yottie friends, so it’s easy to keep track of your favourite Yotties. And with Yottie’s privacy options, you can even make sure its only your bookmarked friends who can see your location. Stay in touch automatically… Stay online longer. As well as being able to checkin when it suits, there is an auto-checkin option which lets. Yottie keep your friends updated while you get on with having fun. And because Yottie only does auto-checkin when your iPhone/iPad is actively switching cells on the phone network, its very kind on your battery life too.


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