Yacht Latina..whats happening?

What the ‘ell…is going on??! Ha ha. This is me in Honduras. This is me working on Lady Latina.  Lady Latina is our new flagship cruise yacht for San Blas.

Gotta dress up for the for the class of the shipyard

I love it. I love her. Pure Honduran mahogany, rositta, and santa maria timbers ooze classic feel and comfort…..and space.

Yes you are going to want to see general layouts but lets just say all spaces were designed for the previous owner who was a happy man but unfortunately wheel chair bound. She is adequate….a term that Rolls Royce uses. If you have a look at the second picture below you can see the sheer volume of the hull. Nice and beamy.  Keeps the roll action down and the internal areas nice and easy to get around …and feel airy.  So you will want to know what is now happening with Latina:ok

63 feet by 18 feet by an o.a. depth volume of 24 feet..pace that out!

We are working round the clock and through Xmas to prepare her to bring down to Panama in January. In short we have not been able to take bookings due to arranging our larger vessels and thus not having a boat actually available in the islands. Hence the confusion. Please ‘watch this space’. Keep in contact. Trips ..new and improved…will be taking place early 2012.   Of course I will be updating on whats happening as often as time permits with the physical work. I will also be putting up as much as i can on cabin layouts and so on regarding the boat.  So, watch this space, or if you want to speak to me, add me on skype:   philmorris3661  , or use the contact button on www.yachtLatina.com to register your interest with 0ur team down Panama City way….!

All In…we are looking at a new and fabulous way of spending time in the islands of the Caribbean and South Central America!


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Yacht Captain and Engineer - Motor and Sail freelance skipper charter and trip captain www.captainphilmorris.com for great island breaks
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