return to Kuna Yala and the San Blas islands..

or should we say Guna Yala, no body really seems to know if this is important. What i can tell you is that Kuna Yala is in a time warp. This business about spelling is kicking in after a good 80 years of apparent ‘abuse’ of the Kuna er Guna culture. 


Its not a big thing. They are peace loving people (except for year 1925) and they need to be since they are quite short and small. Though my closest Kuna team are pretty gutsy for their size.


anyway what was i talking about…oh yes…spelling. In my opinion the myriad islands should be called by the original native names..not ‘hook island’ ‘elephant island’ (er where are we?) ‘Coco Blanco’ etc. Kuanidup is a fair crack.  It is a proper name and is called that to tourists.

but anyway for your information the K and P are too harsh for the traditional Kuna tongue..and hence Guna…and the islands should be all ””dub not ”’dup.


okay so now you know.


Actually i logged on simply to tell you i am back on lady lu after being in the city for a short while trying tp find spares for this big boat , and also trying to find my mind.


speak soon

capt phil 


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Yacht Captain and Engineer - Motor and Sail freelance skipper charter and trip captain for great island breaks
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