Yacht Blew Sky – superb affordable holidays!

That’s right … freezing your bejeebers off?  Come on down to the warm Caribbean coast of Panama. She is available fully crewed and All …I mean All – inclusive at this very reasonable rate. (only liqors extra) You have the facilities of a very comfortable yacht, including lobster meals, which you would not get even during a stay at a leading hotel.

…and you are in arguably the last unspoiled paradise of the Caribbean, San Blas. Click for full size photos.

We dine outside on the huge aft deck whenever possible, during inclement weather we have plenty of seating inside the large pilothouse saloon. We love serving fresh local seafood, and are happy to cater to special diets!

Carolyn Kuna 5-Guapa_114 Meg Kuna Last Day-Rainforest_013

The trip will be tailored to suit your time and chosen activities, snorkelling, cultural and village walks, getting lost on a deserted island, kayaking, swimming, or simply tanning out.

lobster BBq

so simply buzz for more info !! hurry up and relax!

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ps: you will have to look up ‘bejeebers’ in the Wiki!


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