KiteSurfing available in San Blas and Pacific Panama!

kitesurfing,panama,pacific,punta chame,san blasyup…I can now arrange Kitesurfing as part of your vacation on the tested and now sought after Pacific beaches, but also as part of a trip to San Blas.

Wind Season in Panama Starts on the 15 of December and End the 15 of May.
Constant wind from 15 to 35 knots every day. Of course its warm here..yes Warm!

kitesurfing,panama,pacific,punta chame,san blas

Give me a call or email and I will make the arrangements to suit your schedule. You could be living an idyllic few days on a luxury spacious catamaran, while having daily access to non tourist(!) tropical sandy islands and all the kiting space between!

+19546015109     or   eMail

cruising Catamaran,kitesurfing,panama,pacific,punta chame,san blas

All you ever need as a base for your Kitesurfing in wilderness!


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Yacht Captain and Engineer - Motor and Sail freelance skipper charter and trip captain for great island breaks
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3 Responses to KiteSurfing available in San Blas and Pacific Panama!

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    • Sure can David! as a matter of fact this year i had a guest cut themselves on a reef (bad but not major) and after a little search tracked down a great physician aboard another to do a few stitches…all ended well! Any talents welcome! thanks for looking


  2. Can you use a dentist for San blas islands? I was in San blas a few years ago and had patients come up to the boat I was on when I was on vacation.


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