Situation in Guna Yala, San Blas ….

Bocas del Toro,Rio Chagres,Las Perlas

Where do we go for scenes like this now?

Changes afoot in Panama Sailing and Cruises

Greetings all, this is just a message to say that I am monitoring the situation in the Kuna Yala comarca, with respect to changes affecting the operation of yachts out there. It looks like a biggie which has been pending for a while. Since, of course, if we want to do sailing trips and cruises in Panama we may well be turning more to the other numerous beautiful areas and archipelagos such as Bocas del Toro, Las Perlas and a personal favorite is to open up Rio Chagres.  I have a nice range of contacts and the ideas are flowing. So pretty much ‘watch this space’ …and equally I welcome any input from anyone else on the subject. We got vacationers, we got travellers, we got sailors, we got adventurers, and we got yachts!

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2 Responses to Situation in Guna Yala, San Blas ….

  1. So far we have had three yachts definitely making their way out of Gun Yala, for the last time i.r.o. doing trips for vacationers. This is a real pity and to be honest the end of an era. No one person or group ever meant any harm, and i guess no real harm done. The problem is an unsophisticated culture trying to govern, or come to terms with, modern values. I do have some friend captains who are still on level footing here, and so we offer, for those who want the last yachts trips available in San Blas, a final opportunity. More news as it breaks. Phil


  2. So update May 2013 confirms the above. The Kuna have become a bit more formal with their requests, and some Yachts have indeed left the area. However, what this means is that those properly run yachts and captains, who are more focused, remain. Any inquiries just call.


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