SY Calico Clam now cruises Belize, Utila & Roatan..for you!


She looks a little subdued here, but what a great and proven 38ft vessel. Well appointed for a hard cross bay sail or a gentle cruise through the national park to the world heritage ‘Blue hole’ area of Belize.  (private group sail, charter, or individual or couples sailing berths ) Recently available in the area after a full refit this grand lady of the sea features two double cabins and lots of comfortable sitting and entertainment area with covers from the tropical sun.  Rates are brilliant! Please ask!

Featuring a really decent 8ft powered dinghy, and..TV and built in computer with full CD,MP3 hifi system. All the bells and whistles for the true sailors too!

belize great blue hole

The Great Blue Hole of Belize


Gotta Love it!

Ask us now..


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Yacht Captain and Engineer - Motor and Sail freelance skipper charter and trip captain for great island breaks
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