Great memories and greetings for 2014!

Classic timber yacht

Yacht Telamara, shown off Antibes, France

Greetings to my friends sailing and otherwise. My best wishes for 2014. a year of renewed opportunity in the world I feel!

My year started off in a very interesting manner. I had a call ‘out of the blue’ from one of  the previous owners of the above ‘lady in my life’. The above photo is a scan from times before she was under my command, but is from a real golden era of this most unique and fantastic vessel. There were only a handful built as the super luxury class of the day by Dagless yard, of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England. At the time she was only one of two surviving. I have never met M’ but we had a great conversation and remembered and compared times aboard this incredible example of high level luxury yacht design of the day. M’ gave me the photo above.

Now my time on Telamara was in Turkey a few years ago, while she was owned by my friend and owner R’. (who runs the most impressive chain of Classic country houses in Britain (as far as I can tell)) We had great times out there and you can read more detail here in previous posts.



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Telamara is the largest vessel I have captained, weighing in at 110tonnes for a LOA of 90feet.

Now for those who know me as a sailor -as in a boat with sails – yes, I am. Of course. However as an engineer as well, I was morbidly drawn over to the dark side … of large motor yachts, but motor yachts with a difference: only the massive timber beasts so beautifully crafted and powered by ‘traditional’ fire breathing unsophisticated engines. Ones like Telamara’s twin turbo charged straight six 8 litre Volvo Pentas.

volvo penta, classic yacht

Fire beasts

These engines drive her adequately (as Rolls Royce would say) through heavy seas.  I love the basic vein-like electrics squirming all over the vessel and round the huge timber and ribs. The list goes on.

I gained a lot of respect for timber vessels in recent years. Telamara, Black Penny, and Lady Lu in particular showed the golden age of timber yachts. They still show good form to this day.  Telamara is all Oak and mahogany. Built in 1972 it was recorded that she was owned by one of the figureheads of rock music of the day . They say it was one of the Rolling Stones, but British law precludes details of prominent persons from being kept against major assets.

classic yacht, mediterranean

Fun in the Mediterranean

..and memories go on…

oak and mahogany interior

Telamara yacht interior

grand yacht

Telamara yacht sleek lines

Mediterranean cruising 2 Mediterranean cruising 3

I have a number of skippers and owners who are friends and operate classic yachts. If you would like to just chat about it or you would like to find out about  yacht holidays, get in contact!

After all, that is what I like see people doing…having fun on boats!



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