The Panama Journals #1


As promised…..the first in a series of how I see Panama in 2016!  Some through my lens(es) and some through my words.


You gotta scroll through these. It was my first trip back to the city in a long time. Casco is just the best place to start. 360 degree views, with such mixed interest in any one scene. Old and new , natural and man-made.

Talking of man-made the single thing that has impressed me about Panama this year, is the legacy from the previous government in terms of infrastructure development. Really innovative new access to the Bridge of America, opening up the northern end of the city.  The new Metro runs better than anything i have used in Europe, and, the next phase runs all the way out to Tocumen International Airport.

Casco Antiguo, Guna Yala, Panama city, captainphilmorris


Come down and see the city again! Its brilliant.

Casco Antiguo, Guna Yala, Panama city, captainphilmorris

Kuna colours


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