Yacht Business opportunity second to none…

I will not be able to fully describe how unique and excellent this opportunity is to become an investor in a great tropical destination, Panama. If you have ever wondered about buying a yacht and setting it up doing boat trips or charter then this is for you. The difference here is that the entire package is already established and has been generating good monthly income for some years now. The yacht itself is not much over ten years old, and in addition the licensing required to operate properly, (within Panama) has been finalised and kept up to date, and will remain so for a further ten years. All this in a thriving location, coveted by many, adjacent to Panama city, with its canal and islands.

So lets get started…………


Zulet off Panama city

A 90′ (27m) Gulet style yacht built in Turkey, the birthplace of this type vessel. It is rare to find this of boat in the Americas, but the fact is they are eminently suited to comfortable sailing and more over entertaining significant numbers of guests, while retaining good sailing characteristics and natural timber charm. A real ‘little ship’.


So if the vessel looks good how about the business…..

…..look at how the people are loving it! All within easy distance of Panama City most modern public transport systems, and taxis. No messing around with dedicated jeep rides out in to the wilderness for your clientele.

…and the Space, and the great effects of well presented food…

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….So what’s the bottom line you ask?

This is a preliminary post with information to be added. Inquiries leading to offers, the best being over $200 000, are sought. When you consider that Zulet is achieving more than a few tens of thousands of dollars legal income at peak months, you will realise that you are not just buying a yacht. You buy an investment which is entirely established.

More of the technical information refer to this article:


or Please ask of  me any questions, directly.


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