A stoppover in real Spain! Route 66?

Quick pics having a rib n beer passing through…bet you never thought good ole route 66 was loved here?

Thats right. This is mainland Spain , Europe. Great spot. Dry as hell. People who laff all the time, and take the time.

So. This bar is set up on the old trans med route through southern Spain by a Spaniard who lived in NY and just loved the ‘diner culture’.

Enough harlies outside too!

Thats the Sierra Nevada and 50miles to Granada city out that window.

It’s bright….so the photos on this tablet are bum. It’s dusty. So Marilyn’s wispy white is covered in red dust.


Route 66!

But it’s fun and the food and beer is good!

Who likes Spanish culture…?

Hit reply!


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