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May 2011

Let me give a little information on what Capt Phil Morris does!  Sailed all his life but a Civil Engineer ‘landside’ much of his early days, until he changed what he wanted to do, then qualified, got a commercial yacht captain license and turned professional.   After some years doing passages and distance work on all types of vessels sail and power, up to 110tonnes Phil really ‘cottoned-on’ to a part of the yachting industry which is maximum fun! That broadly being sailing and cruise trips on yachts for people holidaying. Partly tourist, and partly travelling sailors, one meets a fabulous range of  persons from all walks of life and nations all grouped together for great fun in the sun. Phil has particular experience in managing large family groups on a single yacht, or often two yachts are ‘paired’ for a particular itinerary. What we mean is, in relaxed manner, knowing how to allow big family groups to interact properly as a family, while on a yacht, but also ensure safety and food and equipment are all at a level for a perfect holiday. Managing an active family takes special skills…doesn’t it!

So..Anyone interesting in a 2 to 4 day gorgeous island trip in either Caribbean or Pacific panama (with no pretenses!) please contact me. Please reach me as follows – in preference order:

International: +1 954 601 5109

Panama: +507 61246635

write to                   : indalo.accom@gmail.com

or                              : eMail me   

or                               : Skype Me      philmorris3661

or                               :Call  +507 61246635   (Digicell)

We AlwayS have a great laugh onboard!

ps: if you get no response from me, or if you simply comment here and i am too slow,its because i am in the islands with infrequent internet (ii!)  …many thanks

we were lucky

See a typical trip HERE

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Extended family


14 Responses to About.Contact

  1. Luis says:

    Hi my name is Luis, owner of Panama by Luis Hostel located in Panama city.
    We have 2 people that want to go sailing around san blas islands as soon as posible.
    Could you reply to my email panamabyluis@yahoo.com


  2. Nate Thompson says:

    Phil! just back in Seattle after our fantastic trip through the San Blas with you and the Andiamo crew. What an unbelievable experience – a group of 8 people who didn’t know each other prior to the trip, and who were fast friends by the time we sailed back to Porvenir. The food, the camaraderie, the surreal scenery, the snorkeling, the late night excursions on the dingy, the list just goes on and on. Thank you so much for everything – an experience that will last a lifetime! Will be in touch with pics and video!


  3. Nathaniel says:

    Hi Phil,
    I came across your website and I was hoping you could provide me with some details about a potential boat trip for a few days. The misses and I are planning to travel to the San Blas islands in late feburary and we would love to come sailing with you.

    Please get back to me with details, including locations and prices. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



    • Hey thanks for your message Nathaniel,

      Indeed i will email you directly with more information so that we can get any questions answered properly.

      Here’s to a great break in the fifth most unspoiled place on earth -San Blas – according to the Web!



  4. Ray Roscoe says:

    Hi Phil,
    I am visiting Panama from 10th April (got me pensionado Visa now) and am interested in your trips around the San Blas. Looking for 3 days. Can you send details, prices, etc. Will be staying in Panama City for first week, then at the weekend staying with friends in El Espino. so will be looking for something 17,18,19 April.
    From England
    email address:


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