Great memories and greetings for 2014!

Classic timber yacht

Yacht Telamara, shown off Antibes, France

Greetings to my friends sailing and otherwise. My best wishes for 2014. a year of renewed opportunity in the world I feel!

My year started off in a very interesting manner. I had a call ‘out of the blue’ from one of  the previous owners of the above ‘lady in my life’. The above photo is a scan from times before she was under my command, but is from a real golden era of this most unique and fantastic vessel. There were only a handful built as the super luxury class of the day by Dagless yard, of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, England. At the time she was only one of two surviving. I have never met M’ but we had a great conversation and remembered and compared times aboard this incredible example of high level luxury yacht design of the day. M’ gave me the photo above.

Now my time on Telamara was in Turkey a few years ago, while she was owned by my friend and owner R’. (who runs the most impressive chain of Classic country houses in Britain (as far as I can tell)) We had great times out there and you can read more detail here in previous posts.



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Telamara is the largest vessel I have captained, weighing in at 110tonnes for a LOA of 90feet.

Now for those who know me as a sailor -as in a boat with sails – yes, I am. Of course. However as an engineer as well, I was morbidly drawn over to the dark side … of large motor yachts, but motor yachts with a difference: only the massive timber beasts so beautifully crafted and powered by ‘traditional’ fire breathing unsophisticated engines. Ones like Telamara’s twin turbo charged straight six 8 litre Volvo Pentas.

volvo penta, classic yacht

Fire beasts

These engines drive her adequately (as Rolls Royce would say) through heavy seas.  I love the basic vein-like electrics squirming all over the vessel and round the huge timber and ribs. The list goes on.

I gained a lot of respect for timber vessels in recent years. Telamara, Black Penny, and Lady Lu in particular showed the golden age of timber yachts. They still show good form to this day.  Telamara is all Oak and mahogany. Built in 1972 it was recorded that she was owned by one of the figureheads of rock music of the day . They say it was one of the Rolling Stones, but British law precludes details of prominent persons from being kept against major assets.

classic yacht, mediterranean

Fun in the Mediterranean

..and memories go on…

oak and mahogany interior

Telamara yacht interior

grand yacht

Telamara yacht sleek lines

Mediterranean cruising 2 Mediterranean cruising 3

I have a number of skippers and owners who are friends and operate classic yachts. If you would like to just chat about it or you would like to find out about  yacht holidays, get in contact!

After all, that is what I like see people doing…having fun on boats!



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Joshua Slocum..first man solo around the world in a boat more that 80 years old

Joshua Slocum (February 20, 1844 – on or shortly after November 14, 1909) was the first man to sail single-handedly around the world. He was a Nova Scotian born, naturalised Americanseaman and adventurer, and a noted writer. In 1900 he wrote a book about his journey Sailing Alone Around the World, which became an international best-seller. He disappeared in November 1909 while aboard his boat, the Spray.

In Fairhaven, Massachusetts, he rebuilt the 36′ 9″ (11.2 m) gaff rigged sloop oyster boat named Spray.

round the world

This boat lay in a field for decades before sailing around the world

On April 24, 1895, he set sail from Boston, Massachusetts. In his famous book, Sailing Alone Around the World,[12] now considered a classic of travel literature, he described his departure in the following manner:

I had resolved on a voyage around the world, and as the wind on the morning of April 24, 1895 was fair, at noon I weighed anchor, set sail, and filled away from Boston, where the Spray had been moored snugly all winter. The twelve o’clock whistles were blowing just as the sloop shot ahead under full sail. A short board was made up the harbor on the port tack, then coming about she stood to seaward, with her boom well off to port, and swung past the ferries with lively heels. A photographer on the outer pier of East Boston got a picture of her as she swept by, her flag at the peak throwing her folds clear. A thrilling pulse beat high in me. My step was light on deck in the crisp air. I felt there could be no turning back, and that I was engaging in an adventure the meaning of which I thoroughly understood.”

After an extended visit to his boyhood home at Brier Island and visiting old haunts on the coast of Nova Scotia, Slocum took his departure from North America at Sambro Island Lighthousenear Halifax, Nova Scotia on July 3, 1895.

Slocum navigated without a chronometer, instead relying on the traditional method of dead reckoning for longitude, which required only a cheap tin clock for approximate time, and noon-sun sights for latitude. On one long passage in the Pacific, Slocum also famously shot a lunar distance observation, decades after these observations had ceased to be commonly employed, which allowed him to check his longitude independently. However, Slocum’s primary method for finding longitude was still dead reckoning; he recorded only one lunar observation during the entire circumnavigation.

Slocum normally sailed the Spray without touching the helm. Due to the length of the sail plan relative to the hull, and the long keel, the Spray was capable of self-steering (unlike faster modern craft), and balanced stably on any course relative to the wind by adjusting or reefing the sails and by lashing the helm fast. He sailed 2,000 miles (3,200 km) west across the Pacific without once touching the helm.[12]

More than three years later, on June 27, 1898, he returned to Newport, Rhode Island, having circumnavigated the world, a distance of more than 46,000 miles (74,000 km). Slocum’s return went almost unnoticed. The Spanish-American War which had begun two months earlier dominated the headlines. After the end of major hostilities, many American newspapers published articles describing Slocum’s amazing adventure.

You can google anything about this incredible feat, one of my favourite stories.  All credit for this article goes to WikiPedia.


Oh, we have Classic yachts in Panama too!

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How Does A Sailboat Achieve Speeds of More Than Twice The Wind?

Americas Cup Apparent Wind.

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aZul…a fast fisher boat available for Panama Pacific & Las Perlas



Speed Fisher aZul offers you the opportunity to see Panama from a different angle: from the water side, the Pacific side… and whether you choose for a tour to the islands, the Panama Canal or a Sunset Champaign tour – we are sure to deliver you a great experience!

My great friend Capt Weynand (‘PePe’) says:  with our European background we know how important reliability is, that is why we focus on excellent service and safety for our passengers. With over 20 years of sailing and boating experience on different seas and lakes in several parts of the world. Our Captain speaks English, Spanish, German and Dutch.

Spacious comfortable fore deck

Spacious comfortable fore deck

Aft extra seating and fishing chair

Aft extra seating and fishing chair

The drivers seat to Las Perlas

The drivers seat!

Lets go Whale watching Las Perlas

Lets go Whale watching Las Perlas

Girl fishing great

So Happy!

Pacific, Panama

Ready to blast out to sea!

Azul, speed fisher, boat

humpback whale, las perlas, panama

Thar she blows!

easy launch, Panama City, Panama

girl fishing, Las perlas

Beautiful pose!

Our 9 meter (28 feet) boat, called AZUL (Blue) is built for hard core offshore use. The boat is almost new ( 2009), has 2 outboard engines with each 250 BHP and is equipped with all safety instruments one can dream off (Double GPS/Chart plotter, Radar, Sonar, VHF, Navigation Lights, Fire extinguishers, first aid kit ). For the safety and comfort of our passengers, all seats are low situated in the boat. She IS fast! Gets you out to the islands and fish quickly!

Conveniently launching from near Panama city (Diablo) ..we take a maximum of 10 passengers per tour to ensure you some privacy on board and room to move around. For our passengers we supply cold (non-alcoholic) drinks, snorkeling equipment, and raincoats if necessary. Come enquire about your fishing or snorkelling or whale watching trip to Las Perlas here!

Panama Sightseeing Tour
Panama Canal & Taboga Combination Tour
Las Perlas Islands Tour
Spectacular Champaign Sunset Tour
Whale Watching and Dolphin Tour
Fishing Tour
Tailor made private tour
Las Perlas Dolphin Tour

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Great memories of Greece ..

Stumbled across this one , what a great trip many years ago now. This is march time in the Mediterranean. Click the link for Video.  Enjoy!

Greek sailing

Greek sailing..

Greek Sailing!


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Coco Banderos, Caribbean Panama..some of us are..

guna yala,panama,sailing

Isn’t it just exquisite?

The last Caribbean wilderness on earth. Do you agree?


Mind you there is also the blue hole in Belize!!

belize great blue hole

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Interesting News Video from Guna Yala about global warming      Brush up on your Spanish!  Actually quite interesting and a good exercise. Most of us who have been out there and noticed the changes will appreciate just what is happening ecologically in San Blas, and one thing about this news video are the aerial flight views showing many of the now familiar places and islands that we have visited over the years. One question that has always occurred to me operating out there is: the ‘declining’ fish population. In real terms the Kuna are not really heavy fishers, since it s mainly subsistence., however it has been clear to me that the bigger and more popular fish and crustaceans are not that easy to find any more. Is this due to the Guna fishing practices, the impact of tourism (ie: Kuna selling to tourists) or is it to do with global environmental change?

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I like this ….


What its all about ..? If you don’t keep photos, all you have is faded memories!


This is as much a personal block as a sailing trip website.  You see a lot of ‘philosophy clips’ and so on coming through all the social media, but at a more substantial level people have been really trying to frame their thoughts and perceptions of the world by seeing our globe and society ‘through the lens’.  Do you not think this is possibly the most clear record of how you see someone’s life?

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Situation in Guna Yala, San Blas ….

Bocas del Toro,Rio Chagres,Las Perlas

Where do we go for scenes like this now?

Changes afoot in Panama Sailing and Cruises

Greetings all, this is just a message to say that I am monitoring the situation in the Kuna Yala comarca, with respect to changes affecting the operation of yachts out there. It looks like a biggie which has been pending for a while. Since, of course, if we want to do sailing trips and cruises in Panama we may well be turning more to the other numerous beautiful areas and archipelagos such as Bocas del Toro, Las Perlas and a personal favorite is to open up Rio Chagres.  I have a nice range of contacts and the ideas are flowing. So pretty much ‘watch this space’ …and equally I welcome any input from anyone else on the subject. We got vacationers, we got travellers, we got sailors, we got adventurers, and we got yachts!

Comment below the post, or buzz me  +1 954 6015109

or ask a question directly to my email:

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Yacht Jannie makes her debut in Guna Yala!

Guna yala,Sailing Latin America

Speed and Comfort

The Yacht Jannie is a spacious cruising yacht capable of accommodating a large group of up to 9 adults as passengers (also extra 1 child) and so is excellent for a large family or group.


The Jannie 44 can be managed by a crew of two although the rig can be simplified or extended as the day progresses to allow short handed sailing, or let guests become part of an active ‘fun’ team and enjoy the thrill of handling such a fabulous yacht. She performs well and has a good reputation as a speedy cruising yacht providing entertaining, yet safe and stable sailing.


For ease of action, she is equipped with rolling genoa foresail and in-mast furling mainsail which is very convenient and flexible for charter, plus this makes the area below the boom available for relaxing and chatting or sunbathing.Sail,Guna Yala,Panama,Cruise Instrumentation includes a binnacle compass and full instrumentation and GPS, DSC VHF radio & EPIRB (for safety).  The yacht is equipped with a hi fidelity music system with speakers in the main cabin and external speakers in the cockpit, allowing you to listen to music as you sail. Bring your iPods and flash drives of your favourite ‘action music’.

Accommodation and Layout

The Jannie offers a main saloon, four cabins and two two toilet/shower rooms (‘heads’ in sailing talk). Each cabin has a double berth giving eight berths and the saloon seats could also be used. Each cabin also has a hanging wardrobe, although in the tropics you don’t much in the way of clothing!

Sail,Guna Yala,Panama,Cruise

The galley includes a double sink, top-entry fridge, twin-burner cooker with oven and plenty of storage both behind the worktop & cooker and below the sinks.

Outside the cockpit has a teak sole and teak lazarette seats with bimini and also a spray Sail,Guna Yala,Panama,Cruisehood (this gives you flexible ‘double’ shelter options in the heat of the day).  The forward cabin includes a hatch onto the foredeck. There is a twin bunk cabin to port forward and two rear cabins. The starboard rear cabin includes an additional bunk making three bunks in the cabin giving a total of 10 berths in the yacht including the saloon berth.

Summary: 6 to 9 guests (or possible 10),

4 double cabins,

2 toilets


Capitan MC, is a professional skipper working in the yacht charter industry since 2001. He brings Mediterranean and main Caribbean standards to San Blas, and Panama. Guna Yala will not know what has hit it!

Vacations on board his beloved Jannie are always a fun, unforgettable and dynamic Sail,Guna Yala,Panama,Cruiseexperience. His mission on board is that everybody feels comfortable and safe, and surely enjoys their sailing. He loves to share his experience.

Originally from !eSpana! he speaks fluent English and Spanish. You are accompanied by a fabulous hostess and chef, who also happens to be a licensed dive instructor, happy to help you hone your skills…wow! Gurgle!

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Features of the trip on Sun Magic

Special menus, chef on board. There is the Lobster and Crab caught or purchased straight off the back of the boat, and prepared in front of you. Not much available world over, only in Guna Yala!

Full Snorkelling equipment to help you see or catch those crazy creatures!!!

Dinghy with outboard, or with sail for fun.

Rowing, and Kayak so that you have a great time Paddling across to the beach near where the boat is anchored.

Fishing, complete fishing tackle for the local species.

Freedom and Good vibes!                                               Copyright capt MC & capt Phil Morris

So ..go ahead …ask us for more information! How many days island trip are you thinking about? How many of your great extended family want adventure? How many of your friends for a large fun party, or even for a smaller cosy cruise?

Call:  +1 954 6015109  or

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