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This is a brilliant little boat for those who love Trimaran..

Check it out We not ask about our casual but high quality Yacht trips in the Caribbean -Panama and Belize and Honduras?  

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Joshua Slocum..first man solo around the world in a boat more that 80 years old

Joshua Slocum (February 20, 1844 – on or shortly after November 14, 1909) was the first man to sail single-handedly around the world. He was a Nova Scotian born, naturalised Americanseaman and adventurer, and a noted writer. In 1900 he wrote a book about his journey Sailing Alone Around … Continue reading

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Great memories of Greece ..

Stumbled across this one , what a great trip many years ago now. This is march time in the Mediterranean. Click the link for Video.  Enjoy! Greek Sailing! Anytime!!

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Interesting News Video from Guna Yala about global warming      Brush up on your Spanish!  Actually quite interesting and a good exercise. Most of us who have been out there and noticed the changes will appreciate just what is happening ecologically in San Blas, and one thing … Continue reading

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Fastest sailboat in the world! 62knots! Continue reading

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a Quick re-post…7500 views already!

the very best of San Blas, Kuna yala, exquisite islands
contact me or see

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