Looking for skippers and crew

Greetings world! Back again in Panama City after a another spell out on the islands.


The gig is good. Down here in San Blas we make a lot of people enjoy this unspoilt area. They make new friends on the boat. So we are looking to bring a larger vessel down here and eventually operate it. That would mean a trip across the atlantic /caribbean and eventual employment in Panama. I would like to hear from robust and reliable sailors who can ‘roll with’ the various surprises that come about in adventures and areas such as this. Be resourceful, and have fun doing it. Please enquire via the details in my ‘about’ tab, and we can take it further. Phil


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Yacht Captain and Engineer - Motor and Sail freelance skipper charter and trip captain www.captainphilmorris.com for great island breaks
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13 Responses to Looking for skippers and crew

  1. happypoppeye says:

    Hey – I’m up for it – although I’ve never worked on a boat before, I can probably roll with various surprises with teh best of them…

    Oh, wait a minute – I haven’t “officially” worked on a boat, but I was commissioned to “stare down” any pirates that came close during the Niger River cruise. AK in hand, beer in the other. Ak was empty, probably a good thing…

    …and yes, I’m serious.


  2. Naddy says:

    Im available any time from now….deffinatly up for it.


  3. Hey Naddy, excellent.

    John, you look like the kind of guy ready for the tougher places in the world. This quality is def necessary at times. To be fair though some appreciable direct training or grounding/ experience in larger vessel handling would be necessary. Thanks and i will be in touch if opportunity knocks.



  4. arthur de dinechin says:

    Good morning Phil,

    I am a 20 year old french skipper. I have just been graduated from the Sailing Ocean Academy in Cape Town as a Yacht Master Ocean and I am now in south of France. I have been sailing most of my life and just been 1 mate on a 40feet cata from Cape Town to Nice (France). I can be help full and I am interested in your project.

    Let me know if you are interested.



    • Hello Arthur
      thanks for contacting me. Would you be interested in (do not have to specifically be experienced or qualified in motor yacht) in a trans atlantic journey in an old classic motor yacht (which has superb newly fitted engines)? this project is still in very early stages of discussion though.
      you can respond here or on the email in the ‘about’ tab.


  5. arthur de dinechin says:

    Hello Phil,

    Yes, I can be interested, but fot the time being I look for a job. When are you planning your trans atlantic journey ?
    I will flight back to Cape town after I drop the 40ft in Turkey and be then avalaible.



    • Hi Arthur
      this vessel – the 70′- is likely to be ready to move across the atlantic late may or early october (to catch season). If you want/need a regular job that is fine. The ultimate goal of taking this vessel to columbia/panama is business as trips for guests. There is possible permanent opportunity for you to base in the islands out there, BUT, reasonable Spanish speaking is necessary. Please keep in touch /write to me regularly on indHalo@gmail.com. Thanks. Phil


  6. Hi Thorsten
    thank you for your interest. Sorry somehow only just picked this up. How good are you at heavy (100GT vessel) maintenance?



  7. Greg Atchley says:

    Hi Phil,
    I sent you an email regarding this. In case you don’t get the message I would like to express my interest here. I have worked in the yachting industry since 1981. Mostly on larger proper yachts but also on some motor yachts, too. I would be interested in knowing more about opportunities there.

    Thanks in advance
    -Greg Atchley.



  8. GregAtchley says:

    Thank you Phil!


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