The Panama Journals #2

Next up I thought I’d give you some pics of a typical early arrival in the islands so that you have a flavour of what to expect when you make your way out to the San Blas. There is a gallery of pictures showing typically the early part of the trip out to the yacht, and then what you may wake up to the next morning! But dont go away because further down is a video clip of the Lancha ride out !

Its great fun and the cool breeze in your face is welcome after being in the jeep for a while. Enjoy.

Guna Yala,San Blas,Lancha

El Muelle

Guna Yala,San Blas,Lancha

Welcome, to Ikodup

Guna Yala,San Blas,Lancha

Arrival Hook island, Ikodup

Guna Yala,San Blas,Lancha

Getting there!


Then once you get out there, you find this:

Guna Yala,San Blas,Lancha,panamapanorama

My favourite panorama to date by far!

And once you have slept the night on your yacht, who knows, chances are you may well wake up to a morning such as this:

However, the first buzz is your ride out…see below!


What to know more?



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